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Banbury Star Cycling Club Women's Road Race

Banbury Star Cycling Club hosts the third round of the British Women's Team Cup. In an event that is known for being one for the climbers.

While the race contains the infamous 'The Knowle' @ Edgehill, featured in the 100 best climbs and used in recent times for the tour of Britain. The race finishes on a shorter climb, so anyone caught out at Edgehill should push on over the top and may still find themselves in contention by the finish! It's all still to play for!

Race Headquarters:

Drayton Pavilion, North Oxfordshire Academy, Banbury, Oxfordshire, OX16 0UD

Nearest station:


The race circuit

4 laps of the Horley C114 circuit

  • Rolling start approximately 800m north of the race HQ.
  • Riders then proceed along the B4100 Warwick
    Road which features two fast descents before a sharp left turn is made onto a quieter country lane.
  • The course follows the lane until its end. At the end of the lane turn left, this is the bottom of the infamous Knowle at Edge Hill.
  • The climb is short but brutal with a gradient of over 15% for some of its 110 vertical meters. This is an ideal location for
    spectators to view the race.
  • The pace then picks up for the second half of the lap with a gradual downhill towards Edge Hill village.
  • This year the route turns left before Edge Hill village followed by a right running parallel to the old route and rejoining as a left turn is made onto the A422 Stratford Road.
  • After another a short section of main road another left turn is made into Quarry Road for the fast descent into Horley village which features a very sharp left turn at its exit, caution is required here.
  • A short but energy-sapping rise then takes the riders either up to the finish line or back onto the Warwick Road to complete the end of a lap.
  • Points are scored for KOM and QOM prizes at the top of Edgehill on each lap. 'The Knowle' @ Edgehill, featured in the 100 best climbs and used in recent times for the tour of Britain.
The race will finish on the 4th lap at the top of the short rise towards Warwick Road. Please continue on beyond the finish and retrace route back to HQ. This involves riding up to T-Juction with the main road (Warwick Road) and turning right. Ride for 1.2 miles until a roundabout, go straight over the first roundabout and continue until you meet another roundabout, again continue straight on. After the second roundabout take the first turning on the right to HQ.
All riders will be finished once the lead peloton has crossed the finish even if you are more than a lap down but all riders will be placed according to Team Cup rules.


Teams entered tbc.

Womens Team Cycle Racing Competition BWTC  British Womens Team Cup
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