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British Women's Team Cup

An opportunity for women's teams to compete over a series of races.

The 2024 season has started. Click here for 2024 race reports and Team Cup results.

Womens Team Cycle Racing Competition

2024 Registered Teams. See you all at the BWTC Road Races.

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2023 British Team Cup Competition Results

Congratulations to Ian Watson and his team Hutchinson-Brother UK who have taken part in the Team Cup Competition for many years but this is the first time they have won the Team Cup! They have certainly strived to mix up the races with their strong team tactics that have earned them the winning team prize at all but one of the Team Cup events.

An even longer standing supporter of this competition is Mark Botteley and his Brother UK-Orientation Marketing team who have come 2nd overall this year with 3rd place going to Wahoo - Le Col managed by Bryn Griffith,  a new team entering the competition in 2023. It has also been great to see a mixture of teams fighting it out to take the top 10 standings in the BWTC competiton all winning a share of the 2023 prize pot funded by the registration of the 24 teams who entered the competition in 2023.

A huge thank-you to all our race organisers and especially to the 161 riders who participated in 2023. Special mention to Georgina Oakley who took part in all 6 events! For all those race statisticians out there, see all the results by rider here.

We look forward to seeing you all again this year.

Womens Team Cycle Racing Competitionng Competition
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