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Will Houghton Memorial Road Race

Milan Josy

Originally run as a road race in Oakley, Oxfordshire. This race has been relocated in recent years to Hillingdon cycle circuit. This gives spectators a great opportunity to watch the race unfold over its 40mile duration.


The event is held in memory of Will Houghton. Will was a motivated, talented and special young man. He was just 20 years old when he was tragically hit by a car and killed whilst training on his bike. He was a keen and talented racer who had achieved podium position in the Oakley RR. Will raced for Vision RT, where Scott Holmes one of the organisers of this event coached. Any profits from this event are sent to the Will Houghton Foundation, which was set up in his name in order to support young people in reaching their potential. To find out more about the amazing project they support and to  donate see

Tiffany time trials to triumph

by Lisa West

On a sweltering  30 degree afternoon at Hillingdon circuit, a quality field of 47 riders kicked off the third round of the British Women’s Team Cup competition. The usual suspects such as Charlotte Berry and Sam Fawcett from the Team Cup competition leaders Hutchinson-Brother UK tried a few attacks in the ealy laps along with Suzetta Guerrini, the only rider racing from 2nd placed team Le Col RT and Lena Kane of Stolen Goat Race Team scoring the fastest lap time of 1.57 at 46kph. 


Matt de B

The only breakaway group formed up from Suzetta’s attack on lap 5 with Dani Watkinson of Hutchinson-Brother UK hot on her heels with Isabel Darvill of Spectra Cannondale and Junior Katie-Anne Calton of JRC tagging on but this was hauled back in by the bunch. 


Trevor Hill

By lap 12 Tiffany Keep took her turn to attack. She says she looked over her shoulder and no-one was there so she had to keep going! She quickly established a solo lead of 22 seconds by lap 13, 36 seconds by lap 14 and steadily building up to an impressive 1 minute 41  by the bell lap easily taking the win on the 35th lap. It was a long time to time trial ahead of the pack but with her team-mates working well to keep the bunch under control with a pace of 35kmh to Tiffany’s 38kmh, the other teams were not able to break through. There was a valiant attempt by Natasha Reddy of LDN-Academy to breakaway from the bunch at 3 laps to go which raised excitement through to the penultimate lap at the finish line but the bunch reeled her in with Libby Smithson of AWOL Worx just edging out Isabel Darvil to 3rd place by a split second in the sprint to the finish. A great performance also from Katie-Anne Calton who following her earlier breakaway attack finished 9th and took the prize as the First Junior. 


Matt de B

An outstanding team performance then from Hutchinson Brother-UK who have won the team prize for the 3rd event in a row with 261 points. Strong results from the AWOL team placed them 2nd  with 166 points which has taken them from 24th up to 11th place overall in the competition with Wahoo Le Col scoring 155 points to take 3rd narrowly beating LDN-Academy with 152 points. Brother UK-Orientation Marketing scored better than previous rounds with a solid 150 points and also Team Laka improved scoring 137. 


A special mention for 3rd cat Junior rider Georgina Pasmore of FTP-Fulfill the Potential Racing Team who despite suffering from the heat and getting lapped, continued to ride through to the finish taking 45th place and earning 5 points for her team. This shows true grit and determination to finish and contribute to her team’s result which epitomises why we run this competition to develop all riders showing it’s not just all about getting a top 10 placing - hats off to Georgie!


Finally a huge thanks to long standing race organisers Scott and Karen Holmes and their trusty team of helpers who once again selflessly organised this event donating all profits to the Will Houghton Foundation organisation who work with UK Charities to help 16 to 24 year olds reach their potential through education and sport. To find out more about the amazing project they support and to  donate see

Will Houghton RR Womens Team Cup.. - 169.jpeg

Alistair Cowe

Team Results

1 Hutchinson-Brother UK 261

2 AWOL Worx Galliard 166

3 Wahoo - Le Col 155

4 LDN-Academy Team A 152

5 Brother UK-Orientation Marketing 150

6 LAKA Pedal Mafia RT Team A 137

7 Team Spectra Cannondale 115

8 Army Cycling Union 103

9 Le Col Race Team 100

10 Tactic UK WRT 80

11 Jadan Vive le Velo Glasdon 75

12 StolenGoat Race Team 70

13 FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing 62

14 JRC-INTERFLON Race Team 60

15 London Dynamo 22

Individual Results

 1 Hutchinson-Brother UK - Tiffany Keep
2 AWOL Worx Galliard  - Libby Smithson
3 Team Spectra Cannondale - Isabel Darvill
4 Le Col Race Team - Suzetta Guerrini
5 Hutchinson-Brother UK - Samantha Fawcett
6 Tactic UK WRT - Georgina Oakley
7 StolenGoat Race Team - Lena Kane
8 Jadan Vive le Velo Glasdon - Emily Chilton
9 JRC-INTERFLON Race Team - Katie-Anne Calton
10 Brother UK-Orientation Marketing - Ellen Bennett
11 LDN-Academy Team A - Eleanor Bolton
12 Army Cycling Union - Pippa Inderwick
13 LAKA Pedal Mafia RT Team A - Penny Colloff
14 Wahoo - Le Col - Coralie Arthur
15 Wahoo - Le Col - Emma McDonald
16 LAKA Pedal Mafia RT Team A - Isabella Johnson
17 Brother UK-Orientation Marketing - Amy Harvey
18 Wahoo - Le Col - Anastasia Bowler
19 LDN-Academy Team A - Faith Hammond
20 LDN-Academy Team A - Clare Jackson
21 LDN-Academy Team A - Jasmine Cornelius
22 LAKA Pedal Mafia RT Team B - Rebecca Babbage
23 Wahoo - Le Col - Maya Branfoot
24 Brother UK-Orientation Marketing - Harriet Evans


25 Army Cycling Union - Kimmae Payn

26 Brother UK-Orientation Marketing - Georgia Lancaster

27 Army Cycling Union - Katy Vincent

28 LAKA Pedal Mafia RT Team A - Rebecca Hair

29 LAKA Pedal Mafia RT Team A - Alice Butcher

30 FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing - Elizabeth Sanders

31 London Dynamo - Sasha Halsey

32 Hutchinson-Brother UK - Dannielle Watkinson

33 AWOL Worx Galliard  - Maddie Wadsworth

34 FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing - Jordan Matthews

35 LAKA Pedal Mafia RT Team A - Anouska Greenaway

36 LDN-Academy Team A - Charlotte Head

37 AWOL Worx Galliard  - Jacqueline Kinsey

38 LDN-Academy Team B - Louise Davidson

39 LAKA Pedal Mafia RT Team A - Isla Page

40 Wahoo - Le Col - Lizi Brooke

41 FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing - Vivienne Tomlin

42 Brother UK-Orientation Marketing - Freya Eccleston

43 Jadan Vive le Velo Glasdon - Rebekah Nash

44 LDN-Academy Team A - Natasha Reddy

45 FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing - Georgina Pasmore

DNF Hutchinson-Brother UK - Charlotte Berry

DNF Hutchinson-Brother UK - Ione Johnson

DNS Not Registered - Louise Moriarty

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