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2021 Race Reports

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Race 1 - Banbury

Sunday 23rd May

All images above credited to Huw Williams except for TW1 photo of Gabby and Vicky taken by Lisa!


Report by Jon Miles

Flora Perkins, VC Londres, won the first open air British Team Cup race held on the famous Edge Hill course near Banbury organised by Michael Gillett and the Banbury Star CC.

It was cold with a raw wind blowing that later blew harder, rain was a constant problem but mostly it held off until the last part of the race.

The race started at a good pace and it was unfortunate that a crash in the first of three laps totally disrupted a day’s racing for many riders and there were tales of what might have been later.

A group of about 18 led the race on this tough course with its 110 vertical metres and its 15% Edge Hill, these were the riders who had avoided the crash or who had managed to get back up and continue. It was then a race of the strongest and on that final 200 metres to the line it was Flora who took the win in front of Danielle  Shrosbee, Team LDN with third placed Nicole Coates, Weston Homes-Torelli.

A mum Victoria Strila thankfully avoided the crash pictured here with team mate Gabby Nordin who managed to get back on and regain ...blood dripping down her arm...

both TW1


Race 2 - Loughborough

Monday 31st May

Photo Gallery to be updated...


Report by Jon Miles

“I am not a good sprinter” said winner Beth Morrow, "on the final lap Lucy said I should go for it on the climb to get away and if I was caught she would go but it works really well, I loved the course even the corners were fast, it was technical but very rideable”.
Beth had also raced the day before at Redbridge taking a 4th place.

This was the second British Women’s Team Cup but held during a day long Loughborough Festival of Cycling superbly organised by first timer Phill Maddocks on a perfect day. This was also a race in memory of local Loughborough Uni rider Jose Gilbert who tragically died at such a young age.

The race started at a fast pace on this tough course so after a couple of laps a group of 12 prised free from a strung out bunch never to be caught as they eventually lapped the whole field.
With 11 laps covered the lead group was down to 6 riders as the fast pace hurt so many legs.

The leaders were taking 2 minutes 30 seconds to cover a lap which was 10 or so seconds faster than the chasing bunch.

On the final corner as the crowd gave voice it was a one, two for Storey Racing.


Race 3 - Berkhamstead

Sunday 25th July

Photo's courtesy of Trevor Hill


Report by Jon Miles

With an all out sprint in only her 2nd road race Marine Guerin, Team Watto won a superbly organised British Team Cup at the end of a fast active race that was a good advert for women’s racing.

A long neutralised ride from the H.Q warms up the muscles so that when the flag dropped to start the race it went off like a rocket, a small crash when two riders touched wheels disrupted the field especially rider 57 whose disc break had been touched and was rubbing in the frame.

Gradually the speed and the distance became too some riders and so the bunch was being whittled down although with two laps to go and attack did manage to get clear but they where brought back.

And so it was a great sprint that finished a very good race, let Marine finish this report.
“It was a very strong field, the plan from my coach was to go from the gun but I realised that would not happen as there were so many strong riders today. So I decided to stay in top 10 all race and do least work but with two laps to go my teammate went in a break so I had to stay”.

“I was staying in top 10 or 5 then when the last climb arrived I stayed behind a strong rider but then she faded and I knew this was my chance. I went in the right hand side and I went full gas but I made a mistake by looking behind me and I saw how close they still were so I went hard and was clear. This is only my second road race so I am so happy, It was a very nice road race and well organised.”

It was indeed a very well organised race, plan of marshals and helpers with a good race H.Q, I hope that we shall be back next year.


1. Team Watto-LDN 321 points

2. Paceline RT 180 points

3. Pro-Noctis - Redchilli Bikes - Heidi Kjeldsen 157 points

4. Jadan - Vive le Velo 153 points

5. Bianchi Dama  149 points

6. TW1 Racing 148 points

7. Team LDN - Brother UK 97 points

8. 1904 RT 89 points

9. Loughborough Lightning - TRG 81 points

10. Weston Homes-Torelli-Assure 73 points

11. Brother U.K - Cycle Team OnForm  72 points

12. Will Houghton Racing Team 54 points

13. Storey Racing 47 points

14. Avid Sport 37 points

15. Awol 36 points

16. Team Boompods 23 points

17. JRC-Shutt-Ridley Race Team 22 points

18. VC Londres 20 points


1 Team Watto-LDN Marine Guerin

2 Bianchi Dama  Jasmine Jones

3 Pro-Noctis - Redchilli Bikes - Heidi Kjeldsen Charlotte Berry

4 Team Watto-LDN Dannie Watson

5 TW1 Racing Georgina Paul

6 Jadan - Vive le Velo Polly Burge

7 Team LDN - Brother UK Polly Mason

8 1904 RT Michelle Arthurs-Brennan

9 Brother U.K - Cycle Team OnForm  Sian Botteley

10 Paceline RT Katarzyna Madej

11 Loughborough Lightning - TRG Francesca Hall

12 Paceline RT Kate Voller Browning

13 Storey Racing Lucy Gadd

14 Weston Homes-Torelli-Assure Alice Lethbridge

15 Jadan - Vive le Velo Madeleine Gammons

16 Paceline RT Lena Kane

17 Team Watto-LDN Baiba  Fogele

18 Avid Sport Elizabeth Sanders

19 Paceline RT Penny Colloff

20 Will Houghton Racing Team Rebekah Nash

21 Team Watto-LDN Sannah Zaman

22 TW1 Racing Gabriella Nordin

23 Jadan - Vive le Velo Emily Tillett

24 Loughborough Lightning - TRG Chloe Vickers

25 Weston Homes-Torelli-Assure Isabel Ellis

26 Team Watto-LDN Feodora Rayner

27 Awol Lydia Watts

28 Team Watto-LDN Matea Deliu

29 Pro-Noctis - Redchilli Bikes - Heidi Kjeldsen Jennifer Powell

30 Team Boompods Jennifer Holden

31 JRC-Shutt-Ridley Race Team Annabel Ramsay

32 Will Houghton Racing Team Rebecca Kearney

33 VC Londres Louise Moriarty

34 Bianchi Dama  Anneleen Bosma

35 Pro-Noctis - Redchilli Bikes - Heidi Kjeldsen Poppy Thompson

36 Paceline RT Helen Ralston

37 Team LDN - Brother UK Lauren Higham

38 1904 RT Jennifer Andrews

39 TW1 Racing Amy  Harvey

40 TW1 Racing Sarah Hickman

41 Brother U.K - Cycle Team OnForm  Ellen  Inglis

42 Team LDN - Brother UK Amy Marks

43 Awol Jacqueline Kinsey

44 1904 RT Helen Bridgman

45 TW1 Racing Rebecca Lane


Race 4 - Bovingdon

Sunday 1st August

Photo's courtesy of Trevor Hill


Report by Jon Miles

Corinne Side, Pro-Noctis ignored the heavy rain that fell midway through the race to sprint clear of her breakaway companions at the end of the latest British Team Cup race held during a day of racing at Bovingdon Bomber circuit hosted by Andy Fleet and the  Hemel Hempstead CC.

With a dozen laps covered local rider Samantha Fawcett, Pro-Noctis and Mathilde Pauls, 1904 RT broke clear. With growing confidence they gradually pulled away from the bunch to eventually lead by 300 metres. However Corrine Side with Ruth Shier, Team LDN left the bunch and went after the leading pair, they eventually joined up with 55 minutes covered then went for the sprint.

1 Pro-Noctis - Redchilli Bikes - Heidi Kjeldsen 388 points
2 Team LDN - Brother UK 229 points
3 1904 RT 184 points
4 TW1 Racing 151 points
5 Team Watto-LDN 90 points
6 Paceline RT 80 points
7 Saint Piran WRT 75 points
8 Jaden Vive le Velo 70 points
9 Empella 60 points
10 Loughborough Lightning - TRG 56 points
11 Brother U.K - Cycle Team OnForm  47 points
12 JRC-Shutt-Ridley Race Team 33 points
13 CC London 29 points

1 Corinne Side Pro-Noctis - Redchilli Bikes - Heidi Kjeldsen
2 Samantha Fawcett Pro-Noctis - Redchilli Bikes - Heidi Kjeldsen
3 Mathilde Pauls 1904 RT
4 Ruth Shier Team LDN - Brother UK
5 Dannielle Watkinson Team Watto-LDN
6 Laura Haydon Paceline RT
7 Polly Burge Jaden Vive le Velo
8 Millie Skinner Pro-Noctis - Redchilli Bikes - Heidi Kjeldsen
9 Xan Crees Empella
10 Lauren Higham Team LDN - Brother UK
11 Emily Knight TW1 Racing
12 Lucia Bruton Saint Piran WRT
13 Ellen Inglis Brother U.K - Cycle Team OnForm 
14 Jennifer Andrews 1904 RT
15 Charlotte Berry Pro-Noctis - Redchilli Bikes - Heidi Kjeldsen
16 Jennifer Powell Pro-Noctis - Redchilli Bikes - Heidi Kjeldsen
17 Francesca Cutts Team LDN - Brother UK
18 Rebecca Fawcett TW1 Racing
19 Ione Johnson Team LDN - Brother UK
20 Molli Keenor JRC-Shutt-Ridley Race Team
21 Sian Marsh TW1 Racing
22 Chloe Vickers Loughborough Lightning - TRG
23 Gemma Felstead TW1 Racing
24 Baiba Fogele CC London
25 Amy Marks Team LDN - Brother UK
26 Jasmine Cornelius TW1 Racing
27 Evie  Lane Saint Piran WRT
28 Meg Smith Loughborough Lightning - TRG
29 Carolyn Swan 1904 RT


Race 5 - Will Houghton at Hillingdon

Sunday 19th August

Photo's courtesy of Greg Holmes


Report by Jon Miles

The final Women’s British Team Cup, held at Hillingdon, was fast paced despite the continuous rain and had the ingredients of classic early break, a hard chasing bunch with an overwhelming victory.

After 3 laps of the Hillingdon circuit Lucy Gadd - Storey Racing, Corrine Side - Pro Noctis, Jo Tindley - Pro Noctis, Heather Mayer - Team LDN gradually eased themselves off the front by a few seconds but those seconds became minutes as the quartet, working so well together, finally lapped the whole bunch with just a few laps remaining with Lucy winning the sprint.

The day’s racing was in support of the Will Houghton Foundation that helps young riders in their development.

After a truncated racing season Pro Noctis, Red Chilli Bikes, Heidi Kjeldsten won the overall and so were presented with their trophy by race organiser Scott Holmes.


1. Pro-Noctis Team A 382 points

2. Team LDN - Brother UK 253 points

3. Loughborough Lightning - TRG 215 points

4. TW1 Racing 154 points

5. Storey Racing 150 points

6. Brother U.K - Cycle Team OnForm  64 points

7. Paceline RT 52 points

8. VC Londres 39 points

9. Weston Homes-Torelli-Assure 37 points

10. AWOL Worx 35 points

11. Will Houghton Racing Team 33 points

12. JRC-Shutt-Ridley Race Team 30 points


1 Storey Racing Lucy Gadd

2 Pro-Noctis Team A Corinne Side

3 Pro-Noctis Team A Jo Tindley

4 Team LDN - Brother UK Heather Mayer

5 Pro-Noctis Team A Charlotte Berry

6 Loughborough Lightning - TRG Francesca Hall

7 Team LDN - Brother UK Suzetta Guerrini

8 TW1 Racing Georgina Paul

9 Ellmore Digital Composite Team Rebecca Richards

10 Team LDN - Brother UK Polly Mason

11 Paceline RT Lena Kane

12 Loughborough Lightning - TRG Chloe Vickers

13 Pro-Noctis Team A Samantha Fawcett

14 Loughborough Lightning - TRG Hannah Lancaster

15 Ellmore Digital Composite Team Louise  Hart

16 Loughborough Lightning - TRG Meg Smith

17 VC Londres Amber Junker-Brameld

18 Weston Homes-Torelli-Assure Olivia Bentley

19 AWOL Worx Lydia Watts

20 Will Houghton Racing Team Rebekah Nash

21 TW1 Racing Ella Roper

22 TW1 Racing Gabriella Nordin

23 JRC-Shutt-Ridley Race Team Holly Bailey

24 Pro-Noctis Team B Jennifer Powell

25 Team LDN - Brother UK Amy Marks

26 Pro-Noctis Team B Poppy Thompson

27 TW1 Racing Alexandra Hamilton

28 TW1 Racing Victoria Strila

29 Pro-Noctis Team B Millie Skinner

30 Brother U.K - Cycle Team OnForm  Ellen Inglis

31 TW1 Racing Jo Atkins

32 Brother U.K - Cycle Team OnForm  Amy Harvey

33 Brother U.K - Cycle Team OnForm  Laura Pittard

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