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Solihull CC Women's Road Race

Huw Williams

Solihull Cycling Club hosted the fourth round of the British Women's Team Cup.

Winning sprint launched by Lancaster

Hosted by Solihull Cycling Club, the fourth round of the 2023 British Women's Team Cup took place on Sunday 9th July in Inkberrow, Worcester.

The National B Road Race was on an undulating 100 km parcour consisting of 5 circuits. The course profile being best suited to a rouleur or, possibly, a breakaway.

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Huw Williams

Starting off fairly sedately, the attacks quickly rolled in with multiple riders giving it a shot going off the front. This strung the bunch out causing problems for riders at the back especially at pinch points at the junctions. Frankie Hall made a small gap stick around halfway through the race but it was quickly brought it back with the wind favouring the bunch. 

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Huw Williams

After sitting up for half a lap, the chases started again. Due to the nature of the rolling course, positioning was key, with a slight acceleration at the front, causing problems at the back for some riders. The speed stayed constant throughout the rest of the race with fewer riders making moves, confirming the predictions of a bunch sprint finish. As the weather turned the bunch thinned with riders abandoning and some with mechanical issues.

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Huw Williams

A small kicker just before the finish meant getting into position for the sprint key. The sprint was won by a convincing margin by Georgia Lancaster of Brother UK Orientation Marketing, marking a breakthrough win for the young rider. Second was taken by Frankie Hall of Loughborough Lightening and the battle for third was a hard fight won by Lucy Lee from Penny Colloff.

The winning team on the day was Brother UK Orientation Marketing. With two rounds remaining it is all to play for in the team standings.


Team Results

1 Brother U.K Orientation Marketing A 280

2 Laka x Pedal Mafia Race Team 184

3 Loughborough Lightning 175

4 Hutchinson-Brother UK 155

5 JRC Interflon RT 123

6 Wahoo Le Col 70

7 Tactic UK WRT 65

8 Army Cycling Race Team 57

9 Jadan Vive Le Velo Glasdon 55

10 LDN-Academy 47

11 AWOL Worx 39

12 Le Col Race Team 35

13 St Piran 33

14 4499025

15 Team Boompods 24

16 Stolen Goat Race Team 18

Individual Results

1 Georgia Lancaster Brother U.K Orientation Marketing

2 Francesca Hall Loughborough Lightning

3 Lucy Lee

4 Penny Colloff Laka x Pedal Mafia Race Team

5 Isabel Mayes

6 Lydia Watts Hutchinson-Brother UK

7 Katie-Anne Calton JRC-INTERFLON Race Team

8 Emily Chilton Tactic UK WRT

9 Harriet Evans Brother U.K Orientation Marketing

10 Laura Davies Jadan Vive Le Velo Glasdon

11 Mari Porton

12 Harriet Graham Brother U.K Orientation Marketing

13 Ione Johnson Hutchinson-Brother UK

14 Emily Kay Loughborough Lightning

15 Isabella Johnson LAKA Pedal Mafia RT

16 Frances Owen Wahoo Le Col

17 Cecilia Hime AWOL Worx

18 Ruby Oakes JRC Interflon RT

19 Caitlin Dimbleby Le Col Race Team

20 Gabriella Homer St Piran

21 Melissa Denman

22 Pippa Inderwick Army Cycling Race Team

23 Katy Hill LDN-Academy

24 Vanessa Fursden Wahoo Le Col

25 Molly Patch Hutchinson-Brother UK

26 Rosie Simmons

27 Kimmae Payn Army Cycling Race Team

28 Ailsa McLagan 44990

29 Katarzyna Madej Team Boompods

30 Eleanor Humphries

31 Rebecca Babbage Laka x Pedal Mafia Race Team

32 Millie Jenkins Brother U.K Orientation Marketing

33 Amelia Cebak

34 Anouska Greenaway Laka x Pedal Mafia Race Team

35 Lauren O'Brien StolenGoat Race Team

36 Savannah Morgan LDN-Academy

37 Bethany Bennett JRC Interflon RT

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