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Halesowen A&CC Women’s Road Race

Lisa West

Halesowen A&CC present the final round of the 2023 British Women's Team Cup

Saturday 2nd September 14.00 

Hats off to Hutchinson Brother UK  taking the team win at Halesowen and for the 2023 BWTC Competition!

by Lisa West

The last race of the Team Cup competition where the trophy and prize teddies were to be presented was superbly organised by Will Fotheringham and his team at Halesowen A&CC.  Dry and warm conditions promised to provide favourable racing conditions over  4 laps of the Astley circuit.

With a good team turn-out from both Hutchinson-Brother UK and Brother UK-Orientation Marketing we waited to see if it was a numbers game.

1 Race Briefing.jpeg

Lisa West

On Lap 1 Savannah Morgan (LDN-Academy), Lydia Watts (Hutchinson Brother-UK), Gemma Mitchell (Team Boompods) and Isabel Darvill (Team Spectra Cannondale) were trying to string out the bunch.  It was great to see Isabel at the sharp end of the race as just before the start she was distraught as a wheel issue threatened a race abandon but she managed to get a last minute fix and stuck out the full race finishing 5th. This elevated Spectra Cannondale from 11th place in the overall standings to 8th meaning her team will get a share of the Team Cup Top 10 prize winnings!

6 Lap 1 already stringing out.jpeg

Lisa West

On lap 2 there were a number of attacks mainly by Series Leaders Hutchinson-Brother UK but at the end of the lap, the bunch was still together as they rolled past the finish line with Jayati Hine (Team Boompods) on the front.

9 The bunch lap 2 Jayati Hine on the front.jpeg

Lisa West

However by lap 3 France Owen (Wahoo – Le Col) and Tammy Miller (Hutchinson-Brother UK) had broken away with a 30 second lead on the bunch that can just see in the distance. Frances deserves special recognition for her determination to make it to the race as she abandoned her car when she got stuck amongst Stourport carnival traffic and rode to the race arriving just in time to sign-on so it was thrilling to see her in the breakaway. Listen to the post race interview at the end of this report  to hear how the race played out for her.

14 The Breakaway Lap 3 France Owen and Tammy Miller.jpeg

By the end of the 4th lap Frances and Tammy had built up a 3 minute lead over the bunch. Tammy  powered on to take the win and Frances sits up to concede.

Alistair Cowe

17 Tammy edges out Frances to win.jpeg

Sian Botteley (Hutchinson-Brother UK) broke away on the final climb to take 3rd.

18 Sian Botteley breaksaway to take 3rd.heic

Hutchinson-Brother UK continued to dominate the result as  Ione Johnson won  the bunch sprint to take 4th.  With  team-mate Lydia Watts finishing in the bunch at  7th,  they earned 435 points to comfortably take the team win with Wahoo – Le Col placing 2nd and Brother UK-Orientation Marketing 3rd.

19 Ione Johnson wins the bunch sprint.jpeg

A job very well done by Hutchinson Brother-UK who have also won the 2023 British Team Cup competition overall – post race picture below of Tammy and Team Manager Watto.

22 Winning Team - Tammy and Manager Watto.jpeg

Race podium left to right, Sian Botteley 3rd, Tammy Miller (1st), Frances Owen (2nd) and Race Organiser Will Fotheringham

24 Race Podium Sian Botteley (3rd) Tammy Miller (1st) Frances Owen (3rd) and Race Organise

Team Results

1 Hutchinson-Brother UK 435

2 Wahoo - Le Col 171

3 Brother UK-Orientation Marketing 137

4 Team Boompods 108

5 LAKA Pedal Mafia RT 107

6 Team Spectra Cannondale 90

7 Tactic UK WRT 80

8 LDN-Academy 71

9 AWOL Worx Galliard 59

10 Saint Piran WRT 55

11 Jadan Vive le Velo Glasdon 52

12 Army Cycling Union 49

Individual Results

1 Hutchinson-Brother UK Tamsin Miller

2 Wahoo - Le Col Frances Owen

3 Hutchinson-Brother UK Sian Botteley

4 Hutchinson-Brother UK Ione Johnson

5 Team Spectra Cannondale Isabel Darvill

6 Tactic UK WRT Georgina Oakley

7 Hutchinson-Brother UK Lydia Watts

8 Team Boompods Jayati Hine

9 LAKA Pedal Mafia RT Rebecca Babbage

10 Saint Piran WRT Rachel Galler

11 Jadan Vive le Velo Glasdon Emily Chilton

12 Army Cycling Union Laura Furness

13 LAKA Pedal Mafia RT Isabella Johnson

14 Brother UK-Orientation Marketing Harriet Graham

15 Team Boompods Gemma Mitchell

16 Wahoo - Le Col Anastasia Bowler

17 LDN-Academy Savannah Morgan

18 Hutchinson-Brother UK Molly Patch

19 Hutchinson-Brother UK Charlotte Berry

20 Brother UK-Orientation Marketing Hope Inglis

21 LDN-Academy Jasmine Cornelius

22 Brother UK-Orientation Marketing Amy Harvey

23 AWOL Worx Galliard Freya Evans

24 AWOL Worx Galliard Amelia Southall

25 Brother UK-Orientation Marketing Ellen Inglis

DNF Brother UK-Orientation Marketing Lily Brindle

DNF Wahoo - Le Col Laura Nagi

DNF FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing Sasha Smith

DNF FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing Vivienne Tomlin

DNF Hutchinson-Brother UK Team B Amy Marks

DNF Not in a registered team Catherine Coley

DNS Not in a registered team Helen Auden

DNS Le Col Race Team Caitlin Dimbleby

DNS LAKA Pedal Mafia RT Rebecca Hair

DNS StolenGoat Race Team Lena Kane

DNS FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing Floren Scrafton

DNS AWOL Worx Galliard Libby Smithson

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