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Banbury Star Road Race

Alistair Cowe

Banbury Star Cycling Club hosts the second round of the British Women's Team Cup. In an event that is known for being one for the climbers.

While the race contains the infamous 'The Knowle' @ Edgehill, featured in the 100 best climbs and used in recent times for the tour of Britain. The race finishes on a shorter climb, so anyone caught out at Edgehill should push on over the top and may still find themselves in contention by the finish! It's all still to play for!

Boomerang win at Banbury for Emily!

A truly inspirational win for Emily Proud of Le Col Race Team at the second round of the British Women’s Team Cup superbly hosted once again by Banbury Star Cycling Club. On each of the three ascents up the infamous Edge Hill, Emily was dropped off the leading group but each time she clawed her way back  on storming through to win by a tenth of a second ahead of Elite rider Lucy Lee of Das-Handsling and half a second ahead of Zoe Langham Pro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee, current national road race rankings leader.

After a fairly sedate start, the peloton rapidly split up the climb up Edge Hill with Tamsin Miller of Brother Hutchinson and Zoe Langham leading the ascent with a group of 15 getting away but it all got back together by the end of lap 1. In lap 2 a lead group of about 30 riders formed up but again the 2nd ascent of Edge Hill enabled 13 riders to get clear and establish a lead of 30 seconds. They continued to work together increasing their lead to 2.5 minutes over the chasing group which, with a mixture of teams, did not manage to organise an effective chase. 2 riders could not hold the high pace in the final lap leaving 9 in the sprint for the line.  

QOM award Zoe Langham, Pro Noctis RT; Banbury X RR, 21st May '23(2) - 1.jpeg

Great to see 60 racers finishing to earn their team points but what it really demonstrated to other racers is that it really is possible to be dropped on a climb, catch up to the lead group and still win! It was a truly exceptional performance from Emily who only took her first race win at Hillingdon last Tuesday so it was fantastic to witness her first ever victory at this level of competition! 


With Tamsin Miller finishing 4th, Ruth Shier finishing 5th, Sian Botteley winning the sprint out of the chasing group at 13th and Lydia Watts 15th Hutchinson-Brother UK still eared the team their 2nd team win in the team competition with 280 points. Le Col Race Team placed 2nd with 246 points and Wahoo Le Col 3rd with 227 points. On the overall standings, Hutchinson-Brother remain at the top while Wahoo-Le Col have moved up to 3rd place with Le Col RT keeping their 2nd place. Can Hutchinson-Brother keep their lead going or will Emily and her Le Col Race Team take on the challenge - we look forward to the next round taking place at Hillingdon June 10th.

Team Results

1 Hutchinson-Brother UK - 280 points

2 Le Col Race Team - 246 points

3 Wahoo-Le Col - 227 points

4 Pro-Noctis - Heidi Kjeldsen - 200 Degrees Coffee - 175 points

5 LDN-Academy - 140 points

6 FTP - Fulfil the Potential Racing - 108 points

7 Tactic UK WRT - 91points

8 Jadan Vive le Velo Gladson - 80 points

9 LAKA Pedal Mafia RT - 62 points

10 Brother UK-Orientation Marketing - 38 points

11 Stolen Goat Race Team - 37 points

12 Team Boompods - 32 points

13 London Dynamo - 29 points

14 Loughborough Lightning - 29 points

15 Cowley Road Condors - 21points

16 AWOL Worx - 18 points

17 05-Mar - 12 points

18 JRC-INTERFLON Race Team - 1 points

Individual Results

1 Le Col Race Team - Emily Proud

2 Independent - Lucy Lee

3 Pro-Noctis - Heidi Kjeldsen - 200 Degrees Coffee - Zoe Langham

4 Hutchinson-Brother UK - Tamsin Miller

5 Hutchinson-Brother UK - Ruth Shier

6 Wahoo - Le Col - Frances Owen

7 Wahoo - Le Col - Lizi Brooke

8 LDN-Academy - Katy Hill

9 Pro-Noctis - Heidi Kjeldsen - 200 Degrees Coffee - Bexy Dew

10 FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing - Maddie Heywood

11 Jadan Vive le Velo Glasdon - Abi Plowman

12 Wahoo - Le Col - Lyndsey Cassie

13 Hutchinson-Brother UK - Sian Botteley

14 Le Col Race Team - Suzetta Guerrini

15 Hutchinson-Brother UK - Lydia Watts

16 FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing - Rosie Wayland

17 Le Col Race Team - Caitlin Dimbleby

18 StolenGoat Race Team - Lena Kane

19 Tactic UK WRT - Savannah Morgan

20 Independent - Charlotte Deykin

21 Team Boompods - Gemma Mitchell

22 Tactic UK WRT - Georgina Oakley

23 LAKA Pedal Mafia RT - Rebecca Hair

24 London Dynamo - Sasha Halsey

25 Wahoo - Le Col - Anastasia Bowler

26 LDN-Academy - Anna Brearley

27 Loughborough Lightning - Alice Lethbridge

28 LDN-Academy - Miriam Bullock

29 Tactic UK WRT - Rebecca Babbage

30 LDN-Academy - Jessica Prior

31 Hutchinson-Brother UK - Charlotte Berry

32 LAKA Pedal Mafia RT - Anouska Greenaway

33 Hutchinson-Brother UK - Samantha Fawcett

34 Cowley Road Condors - Catherine Aitchison

35 Wahoo - Le Col - Emma McDonald

36 AWOL Worx Galliard - Freya Evans

37 Brother UK-Orientation Marketing - Abigail Cooper

38 Jadan Vive le Velo Glasdon - Emily Chilton

39 LDN-Academy - Lucy Neatham

40 Jadan Vive le Velo Glasdon - Baiba Fogele

41 Le Col Race Team - Laura Leeson

42 FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing - Floren Scrafton

43 LAKA Pedal Mafia RT - Penny Colloff

44 05-03 - Eloise Singham

45 LDN-Academy - Eleanor Bolton

46 Brother UK-Orientation Marketing - Georgia Lancaster

47 Brother UK-Orientation Marketing - Amy Harvey

48 Brother UK-Orientation Marketing - Hope Inglis

49 Brother UK-Orientation Marketing - Mia Smith

50 Cowley Road Condors - Mairi Brookes

51 JRC-INTERFLON Race Team - Bethany Bennett

52 05-03 - Ella Roper

53 05-03 - Claire Pile

54 AWOL Worx Galliard - Jacqueline Kinsey

55 LAKA Pedal Mafia RT - Caitlin Bower

56 Tactic UK WRT - Isabella Torrie

57 Banbury Star CC - Peggy Simpkins

58 05-03 - Lauren Booth

59 Banbury Star CC - Poppy Kisley

60 FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing - Georgina Pasmore

DNF Saint Piran - Hannah Bayes

DNF Brother UK-Orientation Marketing - Hannah Evans

DNS Wahoo - Le Col - Coralie Arthur

DNS LAKA Pedal Mafia RT - Marie-Louise Kerzman

DNS Jadan Vive le Velo Glasdon - Gabriella Nordin

DNS FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing - Claire Nott

DNS Hutchinson-Brother UK - Dannielle Watkinson

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